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Welcome to the Barkhamsted School Library Learning Commons page.  This site is a resource for students, teachers and parents.  You will find information about the library and computer lab programs as well as resources to help in completing assignments. 

Grade Level Bools Guidelines

All students can renew books if they want to keep the books they checked out.
All students can put books on hold if they forget to return books.  These books can be checked out as soon as books are returned.
Students in grades K-3 should return books on library class day.
Students in grades 4-6 can self check out books each week or as needed/wanted when sent by classroom teacher.

K: 2 books for 1 week
1:  3 books for 1 week
2:  3 books for 2 weeks
3:  3 books for 2 weeks
4:  4 books for 2 weeks
5:  5 books for 3 weeks
6:  6 books for 3 weeks

If books are not returned by the due date student notices will go home.  ALL students are given a 7 day grace period before notices go home.  All students receive email notices, although not all grades use email.  This option is utilized in grades 4-6 and emails are considered reminder notices.  For all students, paper notices go home.  I do my best to get them out starting after the 7 day grace period.  
Students are given 2 reminder notices before being given a lost book/payment due notice.  It's important to note that the book cost may show on all notices, even the first 2 reminder notices.  

Reading Choice​

Don't be Afraid of Scary Books


Barkhamsted School Library Book Club

The Barkhamsted Birthday Book Club is a great way to add new books to our library collection while celebrating your child’s birthday. You can also choose to donate a book for graduation, memorials, teacher’s gifts, and other celebrations. Here are some of the ways we will create a birthday fuss for your child:

  • S/he will choose a book from our Birthday Book Club selection of new books.

  • A bookplate will have the name of the student to announce the birthday donation for years to come.

  • Name and picture will be posted on the Birthday Book Club bulletin board all year.

  • Your child's name and donation will be read on the morning announcements.

  • S/he will be the first person to “check out” the new book.

If you are interested, please return the form with a check for your donation ($20) to Barkhamsted Elementary. 

Digital Citizenship

"Digital citizens think critically about what they see online and learn to make their own smart choices online and in life. That means understanding the benefits and risks of sharing information, knowing the difference between a credible news source and a sponsored ad, and balancing screen time with other activities."  (Common Sense Media)

We talk about being "Good Digital Citizens" all year with all grades and in all classes.  Topics covered include media balance, privacy, digital footprints, realtionships. cyberbullying, and news/media.  Each lesson and discussion is based on student ages and is meant to create a strong foundation in digital literacy.  A key component to the success of the program is having connected and involved adults at home.  We are all partners in keeping children safe and together we can give them the tools they need.  

Have you heard of Tiktok?

Read this article for more information from Common Sense Media!  Many students use Tik Tok as young as 2nd grade.

Parents' Ultimate Guide to Tik Tok - including


Cyberbullying happens and it's not just for tween and teens!  And even if it isn't cyberbullying, children are exposed to other situations involving hate speech, exclusion, and rumors.  When I asked students last year, even 2nd graders had been exposed to angry words (Youtube,, Roblox, etc).

It's Not Cyberbullying, But ...