Understanding Racial Inequality

Resources For Children

Websites, Videos, and Music 

Sesame Street/CNN Town Hall (June 6th)

Kojo For Kids: Jason Reynolds Talks to Kids About Racism and the Protests (audio)

NBC Nightly News for Kids on Racism and Protest (parent supervision recommended by NBC News)

Library of Congress Write. Right. Write. Helping Kids Write Their Story 

Discovery Education Channel on Human Rights (school resource, student log in)

Brainpop and Brainpop Jr  (school resource, student log in)

Dan Zanes House Party (Dan’s and Claudia’s Youtube Channel)

Resources For Adults


Embrace Race Book List (picture books for all)

9 Chapter Books About Race (middle grades through high school)

Stamped:  Racism, Anti-Racism and You  (Middle/High School)

Stamped:  Racism, Anti-Racism and You (Reynolds, Kendi)

Stamped:  From the Beginning (Kendi)

How to Be an Anti-Racist (Kendi)