Student Enrollment or Withdrawal

 The following 3 forms, Transfer of Records, Student Registration, and Registration and Residency Procedure Forms can be downloaded from our website, filled out and...

  • attached to an email,

  • mailed to, Barkhamsted School 65 Ripley Hill Rd, Barkhamsted CT 06063, or 

  •  dropped off in the foyer of the main entrance (Monday-Friday between the hours of 7:00AM-2:00PM).

  Items needed to register students into Barkhamsted School

  1. Completed Items listed above

  2. A form of identification for yourself (i.e. driver’s license or passport)

  3. Copy of child(ren) Birth Certificate(s) (long form required)

  4. Guardianship papers (if applicable)

  5. Most recent physical and immunization records

  6. Copy of a minimum of (2) of the items below that indicate a Barkhamsted address

  • Copy of a sales contract or deed for your home in Barkhamsted

  • Copy of a valid rental agreement for your rental home/apartment in Barkhamsted

  • Homeowner's property tax statement

  • Copy of an active utility bill (electric, oil/natural gas, cable, or land line phone) in your name and showing services provided for your Barkhamsted house/apartment

  • Motor Vehicle registration

  • If you live with a Barkhamsted resident, you will need a Residency Affidavit, notarized, from the resident of Barkhamsted stating a permanent and full-time status of the family members seeking to enroll the children in Barkhamsted School.

All documents may be emailed to Robin Rood,

Enrollment Forms

Barkhamsted School Information