Welcome to the Music Room!

Students at The Barkhamsted School visit the music room once a week for a 40 minute General Music class. Pre-K students have music class in their room for 15-20 minutes.

Students in each grade explore musical concepts such as pitch, melody, harmony, steady beat, rhythm, movement, improvisation, composition, music history and appreciation.

In the Music Room, we follow the MUSIC rules:
M - Make good choices and do the right thing.
U - Use kind words.
S - Show respect to classmates, teacher, and music.
I - Involve yourself in activities.
C - Care for the room and the instruments.

Keep up with music room happenings!

Besides the monthly newsletter that is sent out (check out past issues here), you can also see what we're up to in the music room on social media channels (@MrsLsMusicRoom)

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