Entrance & Dismissal Procedures

Entrance During School Hours 

  • During school hours (8:25am-3:20pm) visitors are not allowed to enter the school through the backdoor.  Visitors must ring the FRONT ENTRANCE bell to be buzzed in by the office staff and should report immediately to the office.  This will require visitors and volunteers who will be at the school for more than 10 minutes to park in the back parking lot and walk around to the front of the building. However, parking at the Town Hall is available for short visits (under 10 minutes) for those picking up children who are sick or need to be dismissed for an appointment.

 Dismissal for Students Who Are Pick-ups

  • Students will walk to the pick-up hallway, where a staff member will meet them, while they line up.  Parents/Guardians remain in their cars.  We ask that you drive around the school parking lot and line up starting at the designated marker spot at the back door of the school. (See map) It is important that parents do not begin to line up their cars until 3:15 pm. Pre-school needs to be dismissed and the vans, that park in the handicap parking spaces outside the back door, need to be able to leave the parking lot.  If you arrive at school before 3:15 pm, park in a parking space and wait until 3:15 to join the line-up of cars.  Pick-up students will be dismissed from their classrooms at 3:20 pm, and staff will begin dismissing students from the pick-up hallway to cars.  As you approach the pick-up zone, please unroll the passenger side window to tell the staff member on duty who you are picking up.  They will call the student from the line and assist them to the car.

  • In addition, while we understand that emergencies do arise, we ask that you make every effort to either pick-up your child at the normal dismissal time of 3:20, or with prior notification to the office, schedule pick-ups for no later than 3:00pm.